Irrigation Runtime Calculator

How to use this calculator

Enter information about conditions at each irrigation station/zone.

Using specific data for each location is important. Conditions can vary greatly across your yard.

The calculator recommends settings for each station/zone based on the information you provide. It also uses historical weather averages to help determine water needs at different times of the year.

Set your irrigation controller for the suggested runtimes.

You may need to adjust the times depending on your landscape's needs.

Watering with Cycle/Soak

The calculator uses the "cycle/soak" technique. Cycle/soak looks at the rate at which soils absorb water. It also breaks the watering cycle into several shorter segments. This gives soil more time to absorb water, promotes healthier plants with deeper root growth, and reduces water waste frrom run off.

EXAMPLE - You need to water your yard for 15 minutes but water starts to run off the landscape after 5 minutes. You can adjust for this by setting your irrigation system to water for 5 minutes at 3 different times (1:00 a.m.,2:00 a.m., and 3:00 a.m.).