Residential Water Supply Fixture Unit Calculator
and Water Meter Calculators

IMPORTANT: The calculator may only be used as a screening tool to approximate the number of WSFUs. To be approved for a water meter based on the number of WSFU, the applicant must provide calculations prepared by a Texas licensed plumber.

WSFU Calculator

Item Enter the Number of Items
Bathtub, or combo tub/showers
Whirlpool bath
Clothes Washer
Hose Bibb
Hose Bibb, each additional
Kitchen Sink
Shower, per head
Laundry Sink
Bar Sink
Lavatory Sink
Service sink or mop sink
Water Closet, 1.6 GPF Gravity Tank
Water Closet, >1.6 GPF Gravity Tank

Total Fixture Units

Water Meter Sizing Calculator

Enter the Number of bathrooms (up to 8 bathrooms)

Meter Size