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The City of Austin's Music & Entertainment Division, part of the Economic Development Department, is an economic development accelerator and centralized resource center for Austin’s music industry. We also serve as an active community partner for Austin’s citizens, community groups, and neighborhoods.


The Music & Entertainment Division is highly engaged in developing and executing initiatives that help accelerate the growth of the music industry infrastructure. We do this by serving as an industry liaison and focusing on job creation, musician compensation, talent export, and industry revenue growth.

Summary of Programs & Services

  • Music Programming: The programming team creates and manages professional development events and performances to provide compensation, resources, and networking opportunities to musicians, venue owners, and other music industry stakeholders.Please contact Stephanie Bergara at Stephanie.Bergara@austintexas.gov for information.
  • Entertainment Services Group: The Entertainment Services Group creates and manage policies, tools, and partnerships that promote unique, vibrant, safe, and well-planned live music and nightlife experiences in Austin, while promoting venue preservation and sustainability. Please contact Brian Block at Brian.Block@austintexas.gov for information.