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25 Essential Tips for Traveling with Children:

Traveling with kids? Avoid the tantrums and get yourself prepared with these 25 essential expert tips

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Before you leave

Preparing your child for the airport experience helps them understand what to expect. If possible, take your child to the airport on a day you're not flying to show them the airline ticket counter, and how security screening works. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has a family viewing area where you can watch planes take off. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy!

Passport Rules

Even infants must have a valid passport if traveling to destinations that require passports for their parents. Be sure to apply well ahead of your travel date for a child’s passport. You must bring along paperwork that proves the child’s country of citizenship and birth date, such as a birth certificate.

Carry-On Items

We recommend bringing small "comfort" items, such as a security blanket, favorite pillow, and small snacks. If you have room, small toys, coloring books, and/or small electronic devices (such as portable DVD players with headphones) help keep children entertained.
Tip: Some airlines provide coloring books in their kiddy packs.

Luggage Allotment

With most airlines, infants who travel and don't occupy a seat are still given a luggage allotment. Check with your airline to see what their policy is.

In addition to a checked piece of luggage, the following items are usually accepted without charge:

  • Baby/car seat
  • Bassinette
  • Stroller

Baby beds are not included as they will be considered excess baggage if you have already reached your checked baggage limit.
Tip: Label strollers, car seats, and other infant/child items with a name and phone number.


TSA is required to screen everyone, regardless of age. TSA's Traveling with Children guidelines.

Waiting to board your plane

Making a child sit in a stroller while waiting for your flight does not give them the chance to move around before sitting for hours on a plane. Exploring the terminal before the flight gives you something to discuss with your child. ABIA has live music and art exhibits to help make your traveling experience enjoyable.