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From the Restore Rundberg implementation plan:
(accessible from the research and grant reports pages of the Documents section of the website)

"The Rundberg area has historically seen higher proportions of crime than would be expected for its 5% of City residents, including:

  • 11% of violent crime,
  • 7% of property crime,
  • 34% of prostitution incidents,
  • and 9% of Part II crimes citywide.

Criminal activity coupled with poverty, disinvestment, and unemployment within the neighborhood discourage redevelopment and economic growth.

Approximately 64% of the population speaks languages other than English and a large number ofthose individuals are classified as refugees.

Within Rundberg:

  • 95% of those enrolled in school are considered economically disadvantaged,
  • 59% have limited English proficiency,
  • and 75% are identified as at-risk for dropping out.

In a 2012 City of Austin survey, the Rundberg zip codes were among those with the lowest level of trust in police and feelings of safety."

But the Rundberg community is also empowered by numerous assets (see Asset Inventory in the Research Reports section of the website), and is implementing durable positive change with the Restore Rundberg neighborhood revitalization project. See what it looks like to improve quality of life in our neighborhood in the slideshow below, and learn how you can get involved!