Tip the Band is a program from the City of Austin Music & Entertainment Division, Economic Development Department. Below are the guidelines for the 2019 program. You may also download a PDF copy of the program guidelines here.


The goal of the Tip the Band Program is to address the issue of Austin affordability within the musician’s community by creating new revenue streams for artists. Through the utilization of a vessel called a DipJar, artists will be provided with the ability to collect digital tips, supported by a marketing campaign executed by the City’s Music & Entertainment Division.  


The City of Austin will designate 10 local musicians or bands via an application and panel review process to receive a DipJar vessel that they will then utilize to collect digital tips at their live shows for the period of six months, both in Austin and wherever the chosen musician or artist or band might travel to perform. The participants will assist in the marketing and promotion of the program alongside the efforts of the Music & Entertainment Division’s promotional plans. The City of Austin will receive reports from DipJar indicating how much money was tipped through this process, ultimately determining the effectiveness of this system. 


Any Austin‐based musician or band that performs regularly, both locally and on tour, are eligible to apply. Selected participants must demonstrate a history of regular performance, a high level of expertise in the field and a willingness to participate in all aspects and requirements of the program.

Musician Participation Requirements

  • Attend an orientation session with Music & Entertainment Division Staff
  • Complete the online registration with DipJar in advance of the program start date
  • Promote the program via social media and at all live performances where the DipJar is utilized for the period of six months
  • Submit a final report within the established timeframe 

Intended Outcomes for the Tip the Band Program:

  • Increased musician compensation to address affordability issues for our creative class
  • Elevate the practice of tipping our local musicians establishing Austin as a community that cares about the ability of its artists and creatives
  • To determine the effectiveness of the DipJar as a solution to increasing revenue among local Austin musicians