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About the Event/Permits/Park Access:

  • Event Participation: This event does not charge a fee for public participation.
  • Amplified Sound:  Amplified sound has been permitted at this event from:  12 am – 7 pm
  • In Use – no fences, no barriers, significant portion of the park reserved/impacted by the event.  Includes increased pedestrian and vehicular activity.
  • Due to the number of participants on site, and the nature of the activities, access to park areas and parking lots are impacted during event hours.


  • The event will not significantly affect area traffic conditions and public recreational use of the park during event hours.
  • No street closures are associated with this event.
  • Park road/lot closures are associated with this event. (The parking lot will partially be closed at the park, so parking is limited)
  • Neighborhood NO PARKING restrictions are IN EFFECT!  Signed “no parking areas” are actively enforced on event day(s).  


  • PARKING ALERT - Parking on the grass/on unauthorized park grounds is a $250 parking fine during special events.
  • VENDING ALERT - Illegal vending/commercial activity Class C Misdemeanor minimum $200 fine.
  • Glass, Styrofoam, and Smoking are prohibited in all parks.  In addition, the event organizer may restrict additional items on site.
  • For additional event information and all inquiries please visit the event website for additional information, schedule and exact timing, parking, item restrictions, registration, and contact information.


Turner-Roberts Recreation Center
7201 Colony Loop Drive
Austin, TX 78724
United States

See Event Website