Live, Work, Play and Invest in Austin

Austin is a great place to do business, and it continues to grow every year. This resource provides information on the City of Austin’s economic development efforts and opportunities. See for yourself what makes Austin one of the best places to live, work, play and invest.

Permits Required for Special Events

If you’re considering hosting a special event, you’ll need the right permits to ensure your event is compliant with City codes. This resource has all the information you need about required permits for events.

Mobile Food Establishments (trailers, trucks, etc.)

Mobile food establishments are generally trailers located in parking lots or vehicles that drive to one location or another. City Code (14-6-11 and 14-9-12) does not allow the use of streets or parking spaces to distribute merchandise, which includes food and beverages. Mobile food trailer operators who wish to include their business in a special event must be inside the road closure area by permission of the permit holder, or file an individual application for a special event road closure outside the special event.

If you are seeking information on operational permits necessary for your food trailer, please see this page about Mobile Food Establishments.

Sidewalk Vendors

The City permits the use of public sidewalks for cafes, food vending and store displays. Visit this resource for information about permit and fee requirements for sidewalk vendors.