Please review the guidance for Special Events during COVID-19  and details for special events permits before applying. 

Austin is a vibrant community that hosts hundreds of local, national, and international events each year—ranging from music concerts, food festivals, and racing competitions, to parades, art exhibitions, and family fun. As our city continues to thrive, special events enrich Austin’s quality of life and boost economic prosperity. The goal of the Austin Center for Events (ACE) is to keep all of those events safe.

The Austin Center for Events oversees the permitting and planning for temporary special events and festivals in the City of Austin.

ACE is an interdepartmental team consisting of representatives from multiple city departments, including Austin Police, Austin Fire, Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, Austin Transportation, Austin Water Utility, Economic Development Department’s Music & Entertainment Division, Parks and Recreation, Austin Public Health, Code Compliance, and Austin Resource Recovery. ACE also works with several local agencies, such as Capital Metro and the Texas Facilities Commission, for event planning and permitting.

The Austin Center for Events Planning Guide assists event organizers through the city permitting process by providing requirements and guidelines necessary to produce a special event in the City of Austin. On behalf of the City of Austin, thank you for contributing to the spirit and vitality of our community through the production of your event.

Things to Know Before You Plan


Submit your questions to, or call 512-974-1000 and an ACE representative will be in touch.