Those requesting Temporary Change of Use (TCOU) permits must fill out an ACE application at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event or by the SEO’s deadline for the tier of the event (whichever is greater).

It is especially important to ensure a building is up to code and has an appropriate occupany limit before securing it as a venue during peak festival periods. If a structure does not meet current code requirements for the proposed use, a TCOU permit will not be issued because the safety of the building cannot be verified without additional inspections. 

Under the International Fire Code definition, a “Public Assembly” is 50 or more people (e.g., use of a vacant building, warehouse, high-rise office building/garage, etc.). TCOU permits ensure all stipulations have been met to temporarily change the use of the structure so that the safety of occupants is ensured. Since said facility is not intended for Public Assemblies, it therefore lacks the required life-safety features required by the 2015 IFC/IBC.

The following may be required due to the size, complexity, and/or unique safety issues regarding the activities associated with a proposed event:

  • Inspection services
  • Fire watch
  • Onsite stand-by inspectors and/or stand-by fire apparatus

No more than 12 TCOU permits shall be issued for any given address in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31).

Conditions of approval will be provided after the application review process is complete.