Event applicants are required to follow all Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) laws, rules, and regulations and obtain any required TABC Permits. Licensing forms are available on the TABC website. This resource (pdf) is provided as a courtesy regarding the alcohol approval process (sell, serve, consume), and the TABC permit approval process. Please plan and account for the time it takes to obtain all required signatures.

Open and poured beverages require a Temporary Food Event permit (pdf) from Austin Public Health. 

Beer Gardens

A beer garden is required when alcohol will be served during a special event that occurs on a City street, right-of-way, or facility.


  • A beer garden must be fenced in a manner that prevents an individual from passing alcohol from the beer garden to any area outside of the enclosure.

  • A fence must be a six-foot tall fence that is non-bendable so that it secures the perimeter of the event; or a four-foot tall fence with a six-foot wide moat.

  • ACE-APD may approve a configuration that is different from those described in this rule if ACE-APD determines that the configuration achieves the purpose of the fencing requirement.


  • The exact location and number of entrances/exits will depend upon the size of the enclosed area, and shall be approved by the Austin Fire Department, Austin Police Department, and Austin Transportation Department.

  • The serving areas within the Beer Garden must be positioned so as not to interfere or impede pedestrian traffic entering or exiting the enclosure.


  • Security personnel must monitor the entry and exit points to ensure alcohol does not enter or leave the area.

  • At least two peace officers commissioned by the City of Austin must be present when alcohol is served, consumed, or possessed during event hours and while attendees are present.

Max Occupancy

  • It is the applicants’ responsibility to maintain a count of patrons entering each Beer Garden. A specified number of patrons may be allowed.