Events that will be using Austin Water (AW) services or hauled liquid waste services will be subject to inspections and approval by the AW’s Special Services Division.

All applications for the use of Austin Water services must be pre-approved before using water or wastewater services. All connections must meet City of Austin codes.

Water Connections

All temporary water service connections will need to meet the City of Austin’s Cross-connections Regulations and the Plumbing Code.

Temporary water services connected to a fire hydrant or a vehicle will need to be metered with an AW-provided and installed water meter and have an AW-approved backflow prevention assembly (BPA) installed by a TCEQ-licensed and AW-registered BPA Tester.

Contact AW’s Consumer Services Division at (512) 972-0000 for a temporary water service application and to set up and schedule the water meter and BPA installation.

Wastewater Connections

All temporary wastewater connections must be approved by AW’s Special Services Division.

Liquid Waste Haul Off

Any liquid waste (portable toilet, mobile food vendor, grease trap waste, etc.) hauled for off-site disposal must be done by a TCEQ-registered and AW-permitted liquid waste transporter.

The hauled liquid wastes must be documented on AW-issued manifest forms and these manifest records must be kept by the customer for inspection by AW.

Mobile Food Vendors have the option of hauling off their own liquid wastes as long as these wastes are disposed of at their designated commissary kitchen or a site that is authorized by the TCEQ to receive grease waste.