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We would love to see you at the museum, but if you can't make it just yet, you can still explore William Sydney Porter's life in Austin! 


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Enjoy these winning submissions from the 2nd Annual Lonestar Limericks Competition!

1st Place: Sophia Foster

There was once a cantankerous man

Who only got sunburnt, never tan;

His wife scowled and spat,

"Yer as red as yer hat!"

He grinned, "I’m a proud redneck, Joanne!"

2nd Place: Micaela Thomas

One day on a Lake named Travis,

A Summer swim, we did have us,

But back on the beach,

My son found a leech!

Cue the parental dramatics.

3rd Place: Anoma Foster

Once a man named Ted tried hard to flee;

He scurried to Mexico with glee.

He denied, "I’m no leach!

I can care from the beach.

‘Sides, the frozen dead can’t vote for me."

Honorable Mention #1: Galia Farber

In loving memory of my senior best friend Stanley, who recently passed away from complications of congestive heart failure. Thank you to Austin Pets Alive! for bring him into my life in 2017 when he was 8 years old.

There once was a doggy named Stanley

Who sadly was without a family

He found APA!

Who sure saved the day

And now he sleeps poolside so grandly

Honorable Mention #2: Bob Turvey 

Austin’s truly the best place in Texas.

We’re all well-read so things don’t perplex us.

We have music galore,

Great parks by the score

And the winters are mild and don’t vex us.

Youth 1st Place: Victoria Foster

There was once a famous Round Rock shop

Known and beloved by every cop.

Giant donuts for all!

"Donut forget me, y’all,"

Said the robber before he yelled, "Drop!"


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