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Lone Star Limericks Writing Competition

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We had so many wonderful submissions for our 2022 Lonestar Limericks writing competition, but the votes are in and here are the winners!

Melanie Samuelson - 1st Place, General:

Because we can't gamble on land

Here's one fun solution I've planned

Let's tear down the wall

That serves no point at all
Build casinos 'long the Rio Grande.


Rachel Bingham - 2nd Place, General:

Folks say Texas is hard to survive

Where the heat, snakes, and cacti all thrive

But for those born and bred

Nothing fills us with dread

Like rush hour on I-35.


Karen Collier - 3rd Place, General:

She moved to Austin on a dare

Though people said, “Only hippies live there!”

She moved anyway

And forever did stay

Cut off her jeans and braided her hair


Steven Lora - Honorable Mention, General:

With tech dreams, ear buds and a goatee

I came to the capital city

Spent all of my gains

In the Mopac toll lanes

And moved back with Mom so she’ll feed me


Kaye Sheets - Honorable Mention, General:

There once was a woman named Molly

Who spent her life exposing Texas folly

Her best friend named Ann

Said, hey, yes, I can

And together, they made Texas jolly


Molly Johnson - 1st Place Youth:

There once was a field of grass 

With bluebonnets in mass 

Blue and tall 

Loved by all 

Coming back as seasons pass


Surya Bhattiprol - 2nd Place Youth:

The Cypress Trees tower. 

The bird calls overpower. 

You can fish, paddle, or go boating. 

And see all sorts of fish floating. 

You'll love Caddo Lake more by the hour.


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