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Collage of images left to right: O. Henry House front facade in original location, Art and the Bronco text on pavement, Porter family photograph

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Lone Star Limericks Writing Competition

(Limerick shown here written by William Sydney Porter. Source: Greensboro Public Library

Want to rhyme but don’t have much time? Try a limerick! This five-line poem with a rollicking rhythm and an AABBA rhyme scheme may be short, but poets from Edward Lear to the young William Sidney Porter have packed plenty of wit, whimsy, and wordplay into a small package. Sometimes bawdy but always clever, the limerick provides the lines for raucous poetic invention to color outside of. It’s snappy, snippy, witty, and–usually–a lot of fun.

Now it’s your turn! Pay tribute to the people, places, sights, and sounds of this great city and state by immortalizing (or gently mocking) them in verse! Your limerick can reference anything about Texas or Austin–your favorite (or least favorite) Texas person, city or state park, wildflower, animal, road trip experience, barbeque joint, I-35 exit, debilitating allergen–the sky’s the limit! Just keep it short and snappy. (And PG-13, please. Yes, yes, we know that “clean” limericks rarely rise above mediocrity. Think of it as a challenge! Any entry mentioning Nantucket will be immediately disqualified.)

Submit your limerick for a chance to win a Texas-Themed prize package! Submissions accepted May 22-June 4. Competition is FREE! Text, photo, and video submissions accepted. Creativity is encouraged! Two categories will be available: General (13 & up) and Youth (12 & under).

Limericks should relate to Austin or Texas, and all submissions must be family-friendly. Public voting runs June 5-11, and winners will be announced June 12th.

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