City of Austin Special Events

The Austin Transportation Department maintains a list of upcoming events that may cause traffic delays or street closures.

Neighborhood Block Parties

Block parties are a great way for neighbors to connect.  They require a $50 permit from the City.  Visit to find information on permit applications and requirements, as well as party planning tips and assistance.

See a Code violation or have a complaint about special event-related activities? Call 3-1-1 to talk to a City representative, or file a complaint online.

Parks and Recreation Department

Looking to avoid the scene? Austin's Parks can provide a welcome respite from the relentless energy of SXSW. Enjoy a few rounds of golf (or disc golf) or check out a relaxing spot like Mayfield Park. You can find out more by visiting

Public Assembly Code Enforcement (PACE)

This team focuses on City Code violations associated with large gatherings and parties. Visit the PACE website to find information on event permits, requirements and assistance.