ACS Aspirin Administration: This is the percentage of patients assessed by EMS providers that present with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) that receive aspirin. This measure excludes patients who may have medical reasons that prohibit aspirin administration such as an allergy to aspirin.

Why is this important?

Research has shown that early aspirin administration is beneficial in patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends early administration of aspirin by appropriately trained providers, including Communication Medics (instructions are given by phone). This information is reported by quarter due the relatively low frequency.

NOTE: We recently reviewed and updated our clinical audit processes. As part of the update, we adjusted data filters to ensure consistent measurement across the various clinical indicators we report. These changes may result in a small amount of variation from previously reported results.

This measure relates to our Strategic Goals for Service and Finance- S1, S2, S3, F2, and F3:

S1: To be an organization that strives to improve the lives of people in our community.

S2: To have a service delivery model that best serves the needs of our community.

S3: To be an organization that puts service before self.

F2: To be an organization that provides value to the community.

F3: To provide quality cost efficient service to the community.


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