Our divisions focus on preserving life, improving health, and promoting safety. From our employees first introduction to Austin-Travis County EMS during the Academy, to answering 911 calls, to responding to and caring for patients, to teaching the community how to give bystander CPR; our ultimate goal is to ensure we continue to provide services that exceed our customers' expectations.

Our continued goals are to:

  • Enhance EMS’ ability to assess customer service satisfaction, maintaining at least a ninety percent customer satisfaction rating by providing caring, competent, and appropriate service.

  • Respond to life threatening calls within recommended time limits.

  • Tie continuing education training, clinical protocol development, and the oversight of clinical care directly to patient outcomes, patient expectations, and patient perception of care.

  • Enhance the EMS system’s ability to recruit and retain a high quality and diverse workforce.

  • Make safety improvements to reduce employee injuries and lost time injury rate.

  • Increase revenues through improvements in billing processes.

  • Provide leadership and management development to increase professional capabilities.

Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief includes our Community Relations Team, Human Resources, Businesses Analysis & Research Team, and Safety. This group is responsible for a variety of tasks including working with and educating the community, analyzing data to improve performance, ensuring continued employee safety, and recruiting our employees and providing them needed resources.

Administration and Finance

Made up of Accounts Payable, Billing and Records, Financial Monitoring, Payroll, and Purchasing and Supply, our Administration and Finance team is responsible for managing our finances, salaries, billing, grants, and equipment.

Employee Development & Wellness Division

Our Employment Development & Wellness Division (EDWD) is responsible for ensuring quality service and performance is a part of every aspect of our practice. The process is ongoing, starting with the training of new cadets in our Academy and constantly reviewing our clinical practices to see if improvement is needed.


Austin-Travis County EMS serves over 1,300 square miles, including all of Travis County and parts of Williamson and Hays Counties. Eighteen cities are included in this service area, including the City of Austin, the 11th largest city in the U.S. Our Operations division includes Field Operations, Fleet & Facilities, Special Operations, Communications, Scheduling, Special Events, and Emergency Management.