Bill Processing Time: This indicator measures the average amount of time required to process an electronic patient care record (ePCR) into an invoice to be billed to an insurance carrier or directly to a patient.

This set of indicators are based on current department financial reporting definitions and business processes in order to ensure alignment with other ATCEMS financial reports.  As such, these indicators may vary slightly from counts based on computer-aided dispatch based data.​

Bill Processing Time-City and County

This chart includes all patient contacts, regardless of where they occur.

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Bill Processing Time-City of Austin

This chart shows billing performance for patient contacts within the borders of the City of Austin. The performance target is based on department performance standards.

Why is this important?

Improving billing and collection activities will have a positive impact on revenue and the reliability and sustainability of the EMS system. 

This measure relates to our Strategic Goals for Service and Finance- F3, F2, and F3:

F1: To utilize effective financial management tools and methods that allow for fiscal transparency and accountability.

F2: To be an organization that provides value to the community.

F3: To provide quality cost efficient service to the community.


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