The following abbreviations are used by Austin-Travis County EMS and are provided to our twitter followers so that you may better understand the information contained in our tweets. We pride ourselves on accuracy and timeliness of the information that we provide and our attempts to get as much information out in a single 140 character tweet can be challenging, thus the reason for our use of these abbreviations. 

** Please note that ages, locations, and injuries reported in our tweets will be based on approximations and kept general to protect Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Protected Health Information (PHI) of our patients.  Injuries reported are a working diagnosis based on field presentation, medical impressions, provider interpretation, and not official until confirmed in an emergency room. These abbreviations may change without notice and we will make every attempt to update these changes on this document should this occur.

Incident Info

~ - approximate or estimated

adult – 18yoa and over

AFD – Austin Fire Department

alt – alternate

ATC – Austin – Travis County

ATCEMS – Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services

APD – Austin Police Department

blk – block

CO – carbon monoxide

CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

crit - Critical or life threatening

DOS - Deceased on scene

DPS – Texas Department of Public Safety

ER – emergency room

eval – evaluated or evaluating

Ext - Extrication – can mean utilizing the “Jaws of Life” to remove patient from a vehicle; can also mean removing patient from a wilderness area; Extremity (ies) - ususlly identified as upper or lower

F – female

FD – fire department

frntg – frontage [road]

grnd – ground

H2O - water

Hwy – highway

inj (s) – injury or injuries

LTI – life threatening injuries

M – male

MC – motorcycle

MCC - motorcycle collision

MCI- Mass casualty incident (a high number of patients)

min - minimal or minor (usually referring to injuries)

MTF - more to follow

mult (i) - multiple

MVC - Motor vehicle collision

NLTI – non life-threatening injuries

pckg – packaging; preparing a patient for extrication or transport to an ER

PED - Pedestrian

pedi - Pediatric (child 12yoa and under)

pot. – potential

Pronouncement – pronounced Deceased on scene

pt (s) - Patient or patients

ResQ – rescue. Active search for presumed viable patient.

Rcvry – recovery. Rescue conversion for presumed non-viable patient.

RU (s) – refusal or refusals

SAR – Search and Rescue

semi - 18 wheeler/ tractor trailer

SF - STARflight aeromedical helicopter

SvRd – service road

teen – 13-17yoa

TC – Travis County

TCSO – Travis County Sheriff’s Office

ttl – total

txpt or txpt’d or txpt’ing - transport , transported or to (hospital)

uncon - unconscious

unk – unknown

w/ - with

w/o – without



E - East

EB - eastbound

N - North

NB - northbound

S - South

SB - southbound

W - West

WB - westbound



ADVY – Advisory.  Weather conditions that are less serious than a warning that may threaten life and/or property.

NWS – National Weather Service

T-storm – thunderstorm

Wrng – warning.  Hazardous weather is occurring, imminent, or poses a threat to life or property.

Wtch – watch.  Used when the risk of a hazardous weather has increased significantly, but its occurrence, location, and/or timing is still uncertain.

Wx – Weather



CPMC – Cedar Park Regional Medical Center

DCMC – Dell Children’s Medical Center (children’s trauma center)

HH – Heart Hospital

LWRMC – Lakeway Regional Medical Center

NAMC – North Austin Medical Center

RRMC - St David’s Round Rock Hospital (trauma center)

SAMC – St David’s South Austin Hospital

SAMMC – San Antonio Military Medical Center

SDCC – St David’s Children’s Center @ North Austin

SHC – Seton Hays County

SNW – Seton Northwest Hospital

SSW – Seton Southwest Hospital

STDH – St David’s Hospital

SWillco – Seton William County (trauma center)

SWRR – Scott and White Round Rock

UMCB - University Medical Center Brackenridge (trauma center)

WMC – Westlake Medical Center