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MILESTONE: Council selects approach to advance CodeNEXT

The Austin City Council, by a vote of 6-1, has selected Approach 2, with amendments, as the preferred framework for the land development code rewrite.

The approved amendments include: that the level of rewriting be as extensive as deemed necessary by Opticos Design, with as many appropriate opportunities to create by-right regulations; that there will be a focus on green infrastructure and sustainable water resources; and that the team follow a three-step process with respect to the application of form-based code.

The three stages regarding the application of form-based code are first Opticos Design will recommend form-based code to a small number of interested neighborhoods or activity centers as is consistent with Approach 2. Secondly, the consultants would provide coaching, advice and assistance to city staff to enable staff to propose form-based codes independently to an additional number of neighborhoods or activity centers. The third stage includes Opticos Design providing city staff the necessary assistance in developing a proposal for city council review describing an implementation timeline and resources needed for applying form-based code to a further number of appropriate neighborhoods or activity centers.

This decision sets the stage for the next phase of the CodeNEXT project. The consultant team will begin work on a new format, organization, more detailed outlines and specific content. The CodeNEXT team will present the preferred approach to the new City Council in early 2015, to allow policymakers to provide any additional guidance.


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The future steps for CodeNEXT are laid out in the Approaches Alternatives report.

Check out the hand out and FAQ. You can download a brief summary about the Approach Alternatives and weigh in with your views on our SpeakUp Austin online forum.

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