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The Next Austin: Manage our growth, keep our character

The first report in a four-part CodeNEXT Code Prescription series, "The Next Austin: Manage our growth, keep our character" details strategies to preserve, protect and enhance the City’s natural and built environment.

Specific topics include tree protection, open space, responsible use of water resources, water quality and stormwater management, flood mitigation, compatibility and transitions between different types of land uses, design for mobility, redevelopment, greenfield development, and parks and open space.

“CodeNEXT will be important tool to fixing permitting, development services and neighborhood planning. It will put growth where we want it, protect our neighborhoods, and pave the way for affordability,” said Mayor Steve Adler. “The upcoming conversations will not be easy, but they are long overdue and I encourage Austinites to get engaged and to be open to collaborating in bold ways to solve long-standing problems.”