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Cutting Red Tape!

Our city is growing. We need tools to make Austin work better for everyone. It is too complicated for businesses, residents and staff, wasting time and money. Let's do better Austin!


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Speak Up Austin!

NEW REPORT! Getting From Here to There

THANK YOU Austin for coming out Sept. 4 as we discussed future steps for CodeNEXT, which are laid out as options in the Approaches Alternatives report.

If you have an opinion about the direction of the project, we invite you to learn and share on our SpeakUp Austin online forum.


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Top 10 issues in 11 short videos!

The CodeNEXT team's "Code Diagnosis" report reveals top issues with the City's current land development code. If you've got 17 minutes or even one minute, you can learn about one, two, three or all of these issues in this new video series! Learn about these sometimes contradictory and hard-to-understand rules. If you missed the "Cracking the Code" event on the top issues, you can watch that video presentation too.