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Based on the Order by the City of Austin and Travis County to “Stay Home, Mask, and Otherwise Be Safe”, all in-person customer services remain suspended. Most of our services are still available by phone, video conference, email and our online portal, Austin Build + Connect (AB+C). For information on our modified services, please visit our DSD-COVID-19 page.

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    When is a Permit Required?

    A building permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, improve, remove, convert, move or demolish any building or structure within the City’s zoning jurisdiction or in certain Municipal Utility Districts.

    All building plans must be reviewed and approved by Residential or Commercial Building Plan Review before a building permit and applicable trade permits are issued.

    A "stand-alone" trade permit (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, irrigation) may also be required depending on the scope of work. To learn whether your project requires a permit, call us at 3-1-1.

    What type of work is Exempt from Building Permits?

    Click here to view work exempt from Building Permits. Please note that all work must still comply with applicable Building Codes, City Codes, and applicable ordinances.

    What do I do with my permit after I pick it up?

    Your permit must be posted somewhere visible from the public right of way (ROW) on your work site before you begin your project.

    What happens after the permitted work has been completed?

    Depending on the type of work that is permitted, an inspection is required. Learn more about the type of inspections required during construction. Once the permitted work is completed, a final inspection is required. Upon Final Inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Certificate of Compliance (CC) will be issued authorizing occupancy of the structure.

    Do Permits Expire?

    Permits remain active for 180 days but will expire on the 181st day if the project has not received an inspection, or after the date of the last inspection that shows progress towards completion of the project. An expired permit must be resolved before a new building permit can be issued. To check whether an expired permit exists on your property, call 3-1-1. You can resolve expired permits by following the expired permit process.

    Can the homeowner perform the work?

    A person who is not licensed to perform electrical, mechanical & plumbing work may perform work within a residence and on property owned by the person if eligibility requirements are met. This type of permit is a Homestead Permit.

    Permit Payment Services

    View DSD Permit Fees.

    Online by Credit Card or Electronic Check

    The Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) online portal enables customers to pay some permit and inspection fees online. Here's how to get set up for online payments:

    • Create an AB+C account

    • After confirming your account, call 3-1-1 (or 512-974-2000) to link your new AB+C account with your profile.

    Escrow Account

    An Escrow Account can be established by depositing money in an account to pay for future permit and inspection fees. Additionally, once an account is established, contractors may issue themselves a trade permit, designate up to six (6) agents to conduct business on their behalf and use of their personal escrow account, and pay for permit and inspection fees online.

    Once the account is established, visit our online portal, Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) to pay for permit and inspection fees. You must be a registered user to use this service. For first time users, please visit  Austin Build + Connect and click on Become a Registered User.

    Please note the following requirements:

    • Escrow accounts must have sufficient funds in the account

    • The desired permit must be tied to an active building permit

    • If the escrow account balance drops to zero or below, a new account must be activated and a $55 activation fee will be assessed

    • In order to request a refund of an escrow account, submit a letter signed by the master escrow account holder (not the company).

    • In order to request a transfer between accounts, submit a letter signed by both master licensed holders (not the company).

    • Escrow Registration and Maintenance Fees (View DSD Permit Fees.)

    E-Mail Services for current Escrow Account Holders

    To obtain a trade permit or designate an agent, email the request to with the applicable permit type form:

    Please note, a trade permit will not be issued until the building permit is issued. Once the permit is issued, payment will be deducted from your escrow account. Your request form and permit number will be returned to you once the payment process has been completed.

    Permit Cancellations, Transfers, and Refunds

    Other Permit Related Information

    View other types of permits issued by the Development Services Department.