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District 1 - Community Meetings

Council Member Ora Houston is committed to provide the community an opportunity to be part of the conversation and solutions. Aside from calling our office, please remember that we have quarterly Town Hall meetings and Coffee Days.


Town Hall Meetings 

Town Hall meetings held every third Saturday, once a quarter. Our office will hold each meeting at different locations throughout District #1. These meetings will focus on a main theme or topic, along with other important issues to the community, which may include a community panel. In order to have a robust conversation, there will be time for questions and answers, followed with answers being posted on our site here. The meetings are facilitated by Council Member Houston.

Coffee Days

Coffee Days are more personal and intimate meetings for those that do not feel comfortable discussing issues in public or visiting City Hall. These meetings are structured as office hours. You will have to call ahead to reserve your appointment time and upon arrival you will meet with the first available person from our office, whether it be staff or the council member. Some staff and constituents will be coupled ahead of time due to specific topics of discussion.

Special-Called Town Hall Meetings

Special-Called Town Hall meetings are held whenever an important issue or subject-matter comes up in the community or city. These meetings are timely and will have a very specific topic with professional or experts that will be leading the conversations. There will be time for questions, answers, and discussion. 

If you would like to be added to our email list to receive notices about our upcoming meetings or additional information call 512-978-2101.