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Knowing where you can get reliable information during an emergency is crucial. During a disaster, unreliable websites and social media can have incorrect, out of date, or even false information. It is important to know ahead of time where you will get critical updates about what is going on in the community.

There are multiple ways to stay informed during an emergency. 


Social Media

Social Media 

Follow @AustinHSEM on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) to stay informed on everything from preparedness messaging, imminent and active weather events, and emergencies. Content is available in English and Spanish. 

  Breaking News

Local Media

HSEM provides information to media outlets.Tune to your preferred local news station in an emergency for up to date emergency information.


Broadcast Emergency Alerts System (EAS)

HSEM can activate the Emergency Alerts System (EAS) through local radio stations. When activated, local radio stations will play the alert tone followed by the EAS message. News Radio KLBJ 590 AM/99.7 FM is the City's designated EAS activation station.

  Alerts Page

Emergency Alerts Webpage: Critical Information in 14 Languages 

During emergency or disaster, the Emergency Alerts webpage, located at, will house official up to date information from the City of Austin and Travis County in 14 languages. These messages will include immediate actions to take to stay safe during an emergency. Bookmark the Emergency Alerts webpage to make it easy to find during a crisis.

NOAA Radios

NOAA Weather Radios

A NOAA Weather Radio can provide alerts and broadcast important information regarding severe weather that can give you the lead time needed to take necessary precautions. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a science-based federal agency within the Department of Commerce with regulatory, operational, and information service responsibilities with a presence in every state. Learn more. 

  Warn Central Texas

Warn Central Texas

The Capital Area Council of Governments uses a regional notification system (RNS) as a crucial public safety tool. Warn Central Texas covers a 10-county region to include: Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Fayette, Hays, Lee, Llano, Travis, and Williamson.

Register here to receive emergency notifications from your local emergency response team. Be among the first to receive critical community alerts regarding natural disasters, weather warnings, evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child reports.

Ready Central Texas Phone

Ready Central Texas Phone App

Austin HSEM partnered with Travis County Emergency Management to develop the Ready Central Texas app for mobile devices. This app is utilized as an emergency preparedness app with updates and news regarding warnings, various preparedness resources, emergency plan checklists, a document library, and more.

The Ready Central Texas app provides:

  • News updates and warnings
  • Preparedness resources
  • Emergency plan checklists to help make sure you have what you need
  • Informational videos
  • Document library with preparedness materials

The app is available on Android and Apple devices and free to download and use.

Apple Store google play



Accessible Hazard Alert System (AHAS)

Austin HSEM and the Travis County Office of Emergency Management have partnered with Deaf Link to launch the Accessible Hazard Alert System (AHAS) for Deaf, Blind, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf and Blind community.

Austin and Travis County AHAS subscribers receive an accessible message in American Sign Language, and English voice and text. The alert message will include information about the emergency and what actions to take. AHAS can send accessible alerting messages to registered residents before, during, and after an emergency or disaster in Travis County.

When an emergency alert or other information is sent through the AHAS program, users will receive accessible alert messages on internet and video capable devices such as computers, cell phones, smart phones, tablet computers, and wireless Braille readers.

Register for these alerts at or by texting AHAS to 737-241-3710.


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