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Austin Transportation
Approved Amount: $ 55,730,585
Approved FTE: 267.50
Department Director: Robert Spillar - Director
Department Website: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/transportation
Department Phone: 512-974-1150
Program Information
Approved Amount: $ 25,233,821
Approved FTE: 120.00
Name: Traffic Management
Objective: The purpose of the Traffic Management program is to install and maintain transportation control devices for the safe and efficient travel of goods and people.
Activity Information
Approved Amount: $ 10,434,162
Approved FTE: 50.00
Name: Arterial Management
Objective: The purpose of the Arterial Management activity is to operate the arterial streets in a manner that enhances the mobility and safety for all travelers - pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, emergency vehicles and motorists. This activity includes multimodal traffic signals, the City's Transportation Management Center, the Advanced Transportation Management System and construction aimed at enhancing mobility and safety along arterial streets.
History: This activity is a core activity. This activity is mandated by the Texas Traffic Laws and the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Traffic signal and timing design, installation and maintenance has been a function and responsibility of public works organizations throughout the country for as long as this traffic control device has been in existence.
Services: Synchronization of traffic signals; Traffic signal installation, modification, and maintenance; Traveler information; Transit signal priority; Emergency vehicle preemption; Signal and detection treatments; Integrated corridor management.
Activity Contact: Brian Craig, Acting Division Manager, 512-974-4061

Activity Measures FY 2015 Actual FY 2016 Actual FY 2017 Actual FY 2017 Target FY 2018 Target
Performance Measures
Percent reduction in estimated vehicular travel time in corridors and intersections studied 16 12.1 8 5 5
Percent of residents "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with traffic flow on major streets 17.2 10 11 25 20
Percent of residents "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with signal timing on major streets 40.5 35 38 44 42
Percent of traffic signals that received preventive maintenance New Meas. 49 53.3 33 33
Percent of school zone indicator signals that received preventive maintenance 57 41 36.2 33 33
Operational Measures
Number of traffic signals installed 9 10 6 6 6
Number of pedestrian beacons installed 4 3 7 6 6
Percent of signal requests CSR's completed on time 96 95 93.1 90 90