Backflow prevention assembly testers (BPATs) are trained to test and repair backflow prevention assemblies and play an important role in protecting the public water system. To test backflow prevention assemblies (BPAs) in the Austin Water Utility distribution area, BPATs must be licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and registered with Austin Water Utility. 

BPAT License and Registration Requirements

  • To receive a TCEQ BPAT license, applicants must complete a 40-hour backflow prevention license course accredited and accepted by the TCEQ, pass the TCEQ license exam, and pay the applicable TCEQ license fee.
  • After receiving the TCEQ license, the BPAT must complete and submit the Austin Water Utility BPAT registration application along with the test gauge the applicant will use and a certificate showing that the test gauge was tested and passed calibration requirements within the last 12 months.
  • If approved, the BPAT’s City registration shall remain in effect for the duration of the TCEQ license (not to exceed three years).
  • The BPAT must complete an annual TCEQ-accredited 8-hour continuing education course to renew the TCEQ BPAT license.
  • When renewing the license, the BPAT must also renew the registration with the Austin Water Utility.
  • If the license remains expired for one year, the BPAT must complete the TCEQ accredited 40-hour BPAT license course again.

Registering Your BPAT License and Test Gauge with Austin Water Utility

Registration must be done in person at the Austin Water Utility Water Protection Group office located at the Glen Bell Service Center, 3907 South Industrial Dr, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78744. Please call us at 512-972-1060 for directions or additional questions.

When you register your BPAT license and test gauge, please bring your:

  • Current TCEQ BPAT license
  • Photo identification
  • Test gauge with current calibration certificate

After you fill out your BPAT application, we will copy your BPAT license, photo ID and gauge calibration certificate and enter your BPAT license and gauge registration in the Water Protection data base. Afterwards, a Water Protection Specialist will then give you instruction on how to:

  • Correctly fill out Test and Maintenance Report (TMR) forms
  • Access the Water Protection Group website for information, forms and more
  • Submit TMRs electronically, in person, or by mail
  • Re-register