If you are experiencing no water or a major water line emergency, check to see if it has been reported on our Leak Response Map. If the issue has not been reported, immediately call (512) 972-1000.

For smaller leaks, such as trickling, puddling, or flows down the street, submit a Leak Report Form.

Austin Water is responsible for maintaining and repairing water mains throughout our service area. Property owners are responsible for service lines past the meter and internal plumbing issues.

Detecting Leaks at Your Property

Here's how to locate your water meter and check for leaks:


Leak Repair Process

Every effort is made to respond to leak reports quickly and with as few disruptions as possible. Once a leak has been reported, the following steps are taken to repair the leak:

Leak Investigation: An Austin Water technician will confirm the location, size and nature of the leak, as well as alert traffic control crews if rerouting traffic is required. Sometimes acoustic listening devices are needed to accurately pinpoint the source of the leak.

Impact Assessment: Before water is shut off to make the necessary repairs, impacts to surrounding homes, businesses, schools, and hospital are assessed. Austin Water crews take steps to isolate the break and reroute water to minimize impacts to the community.

Repairs: Austin Water crews are on standby 24 hours a day to repair broken water lines and leaks. Permanent repairs of the road or sidewalk are coordinated with the City of Austin’s Public Works Department.


Bill Adjustments

If you have experienced a leak that resulted in a higher than average bill, submit a request for a water leak bill adjustment.