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The My ATX Water Program

Austin Water is currently rolling out a city-wide smart water meter program called My ATX Water. This program will modernize our water metering system by replacing more than 250,000 analog water meters with digitally read water meters connected to a wireless network. The My ATX Water program also includes a brand-new customer portal that provides up-to-date water usage metrics, leak alerts, emergency alerts, water conservation tips, and many other customizable features. To sign up for the new My ATX Water portal, grab your Austin Water account number now and click here.

Installations are ongoing throughout the city. To check if your address is on the list for upcoming installations, check out our interactive map here! The map only shows completed installations or those on the schedule for the upcoming months. If your address does not yet appear, please be patient – it will soon! Before your meter installation date, the My ATX Water portal will include monthly water use data. After your meter is installed, you will have access to near-real-time water use data. As new meters are scheduled for your area, you will receive more information and instructions. 



 Welcome to the My ATX Water Customer Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Project 

What is the My ATX Water Project? 

My ATX Water, Austin’s smart meter system, is a city-wide water meter infrastructure upgrade project. The program will replace all analog water meters in the system with electronically read meters connected to a wireless network. The My ATX Water customer portal will provide water use data daily and custom notifications. The project is an important strategy to achieve water conservation goals in Austin Water’s 100-year water plan, known as Water Forward. 


What are the benefits? 

Customized Notifications – Receive custom notifications if your water use suddenly increases, indicating a possible water leak or continuous water flow at your home or business.    Daily Water Use Updates – Your data is at your fingertips. Know how much water you are using.   Water Budgeting Feature – Sign up for alerts if your water usage is exceeding your threshold.  Tools to reduce your water use and save money – Water-use reports help you reduce your water use and save on your monthly bill. 


Please contact the City of Austin Utilities Customer Care Center at or 512-494-9400. Visit: for more information.


When will a new water meter be installed at my address? 

Austin Water will install 250,000 new meters for customers over the next 4 years. A pilot phase of the project was completed early in 2021with and meter installations will continue until completion in 2025. Customers will be notified prior to their scheduled installation. To check if your address is on the list for upcoming installations, check out our interactive map here! The map only shows completed installations or those on the schedule for the upcoming months, so if you don’t see your address on there now, check back later in the year.


How is the project being paid for? 

Austin Water is committed to affordability for our customers and has worked with the Texas Water Development Board to secure low interest loans to fund most of the project.


How does the system work? 

A new digital meter will be installed at each home or business. 


Meter Installation  

Do I need to do anything before my new meter is installed? 

Check the area around your water meter. If landscaping or other personal items are blocking access to your meter, please remove them prior to installation. 


How can I request a new water meter at my home or business? 

There’s no need to request a new meter. Austin Water will install 250,000 new meters for customers over 4 years starting in 2021. We’re working to replace every customer’s meter as quickly as we can!  Austin Water will notify customers prior to their scheduled installation with a mailer and door-hanger. 


Will the new meters be installed in the same location as the current meters?  

Austin Water plans to install new meters in the same location and replace the meter box lid. 


Will there be a disruption in water service during installation of the meter? 

During installation your water service will be off for about 20 minutes. The technician will knock on your door prior to installation to notify you. Crews also will leave a door hanger with instructions on flushing your line and signing up for the portal when installation is completed.  


Do I need to flush my water line after the new water meter is installed? 

Yes, we recommend customers clear sediment in their water line by running an outside spigot and cold water in a bathtub for about 10 minutes before using any other indoor water. Listen for hissing and spitting, a sign that air remains in the line. Run the water until it is clear, and no additional air bubbles are released.  Customers may also need to clean screens on their faucets and shower heads.

If you have an on-demand style water heater, follow the same basic directions, but run hot and cold in the bathtub for 10 minutes. If your hot water is not flowing after flushing, check your hot water heater for a relief valve. Pull this valve to release air, which should restore the flow of hot water. Please refer to your hot water heater user’s manual to ensure safe execution.


Who will install the new meters? 

Austin Water is working with Aclara SGS to install customer meters. They will be identified with signage on their vehicles and uniforms and will carry identification cards.  


Can I opt out from receiving a new meter?

The My ATX Water program is an infrastructure project to upgrade all water meters across the city. The new meters are made by Badger, the same trusted manufacturer Austin Water has used for years, and the same brand that is currently used at your property.

If you choose to opt out of the My ATX Water program, you will still receive a new meter with a digital display. However, you will not receive the communications device that transmits water use data to City of Austin Utilities. In lieu of that communications module, your new meter will need to be manually read by an Austin Water meter reader.

Opting out of digital readings comes with a one-time fee of $75 and a monthly $10 charge for the monthly meter reading. Opting out also removes your ability to view daily water usage, receive high water use notifications or leak alerts, and receive emergency water information.



System Operations

Will my water bill increase when a new meter is installed? 

Some customers may notice an increase in their monthly water use because the old meter was not accurately measuring water use. Meters tend to slow down and under measure water use as they age. The new meters will accurately measure water use and will bill you for no more than the water that you use. Customers will have new tools to monitor their water use and take actions to manage their water consumption. 


Who pays for the electricity for the new meter?  

The meters will be powered by a battery that typically has a 10-year lifespan. Austin Water will be responsible for replacing the battery when necessary. 


How will the system work during a power outage? 

Since the meters and data collectors are battery powered, power outages will not affect the data collection portion of the system. 


What if someone hacks into the new system? Will they be able to turn off my water service?  

Austin Water is installing meters that do not have the capability to remotely turn off water service. The data transmission system is encrypted and anonymous, so it is secure from hacking. Water service can only be turned off manually, so there is no risk to your service from this system. 


Will the City of Austin be able to shut off my water using this device?

Austin Water does not and will not have the ability to turn off or regulate customers’ water use remotely.


How will the meter data be transmitted? 

Data will be transmitted by radio frequency.  


Is it safe for people to be around the equipment

It is safe to be around the equipment. The power source is equivalent to two AA-batteries. The batteries are sealed in water-proof epoxy. 


Customer Portal  

How can I access the My ATX Water Portal? 

To sign up for the portal, grab your customer ID number and head here. After signing up, you will no longer need your customer ID to log in.


Will I get a notification if I have a leak at my home? 

Depending on your notification preferences, you can receive an alert of unusual water use that could be a leak, or usage that exceeds thresholds that you have set. 


How long will it take for water use data to show up in the customer portal? 

Data should be available within 24 hours of consumption. 


Can I pay my utility bill on the My ATX Water Portal? 

There will be a link to the City of Austin Utilities where payment can be made. 


More Information

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my water service? 

Please contact Austin Water’s 24-hour Emergency Dispatch Line at 512-972-1000 if there is an issue with your water or wastewater service. 


Who do I contact about an issue with my bill? 

Customers will continue to receive a monthly bill for water and wastewater services.   Customers need to sign up for the customer portal, where they can track water use and get alerts when water use increases or possible leaks are detected.  Water use will be collected and transmitted daily to a customer portal via a secure wireless connection 



Benefits to Customers
  • A new digital meter will be installed at each home or business.
  • Water use will be collected and transmitted daily to a customer portal via a secure wireless connection.
  • Customers need to sign up for the customer portal, where they can track water use and get alerts when water use increases, or possible leaks are detected. 
  • Customers will continue to receive a monthly bill for water and wastewater services.


Printable Resources



Click and drag the interactive map below to view the pilot project area, locate your address and other details. The map only shows completed installations or those on the schedule for the upcoming months. If your address does not yet appear, please be patient – it will soon!

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