Installation and expansion of purple pipe infrastructure continues throughout Austin - delivering low-cost non-potable water for irrigation, cooling towers, and virtually any use not requiring higher-quality drinking water.

Reclaimed water is less expensive to use or treat and can cost as little as one-half the price of drinking water. Users can see a reduction in water fees.

About Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water is recycled from wastewater generated by homes and businesses and treated for non-potable uses. Though reclaimed water is not used in the drinking water supply, it meets many of the criteria for drinking water. This water is clear, has no noticeable odor, and is a light-yellow color. It is harmless to humans through normal contact. Austin’s reclaimed water meets all state and federal laws for non-potable use.


To connect to a reclaimed water line or learn more about the technical requirements for using reclaimed water, visit the frequently asked questions