The Onion Creek Reclaimed Water Main Project is part of a series of projects that will provide more reliable service to reclaimed water customers. The project will include installation of approximately 15,000 feet of 16" reclaimed main and 2,000 feet of 6" main and features four trenchless creek crossings using horizontal directional drills under Onion Creek and Williamson Creek.

The project will serve City Parklands at the Dove Springs Soccer Fields, Jimmy Clay and Roy Kizer Golf Courses, Onion Creek Soccer Fields, and at the Onion Creek Metro Park (north and south entrances) and is an essential component for bringing service to the Goodnight Ranch Development and other public and private properties along its route.


Austin Water’s Onion Creek Reclaimed Water Main Project is currently in the bid phase. The project will build a new water main to deliver reclaimed water to customers for non-potable uses such as irrigation, toilet flushing and industrial uses.

  • Main Design: Fall 2016 – Winter 2021
  • Advertise/Bid/Award: Winter 2021– Fall 2022
  • Active Construction: Fall 2022 – Summer 2024


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