See ways Austin Water is reaching out to our citizens.


Stop the Grease Blob

Pouring cooking oil or grease down the drain sticks to the insides of the wastewater pipes, and creates a gooey-gross Grease Blob. The more you feed him the bigger he gets until he causes a monster of a clog. Help stop the Grease Blob from causing expensive repairs, foul odors and sanitary sewer overflows!

Only Flush Toilet Paper - No Wipes in the Pipes

Flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper can result in sewage back-ups, expensive damages to your home plumbing system, and cause problems to the sewer and water treatment system. That's why it's important to treat toilets properly, and flush only your personal contributions to the water treatment plant.


Speakers and Presenters

Dowser Dan - School Assembly Program

Teaches school age kids where our water comes from and ways to conserve water. Since it premiered in 1991, The Dowser Dan School Assembly Program has taught the important message of water conservation to students throughout the City of Austin’s water service area. Each school year, from September through June, “The Dowser Dan Show” tours to over 155 public and private elementary schools in six school districts, including Austin ISD.

*Upwards of 22,000 area elementary students participate in the assembly program annually.

Speakers Bureau

Austin Water's Speakers Bureau consists of conservation staff members who speak on topics such as water conservation, irrigation, leak detection, and water waste. Speakers are available seven days a week for day and evening presentations to speak to a variety of audiences:

  • Neighborhood and homeowners associations
  • Environmental groups
  • Civic and non-profit groups
  • Universities and schools
  • Government and business groups
  • Austin Water also participates in festivals, school events and informational fairs by providing staff and materials to promote water conservation.

To request a speaker, e-mail Mei Fung.


Center for Environmental Research - Lunch Time Lectures

Austin Water's Center for Environmental Research offers a monthly lecture series covering topics that include different aspects of Austin’s ecology. Classes are free and open to the general public.  In person classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19.