The Special Services Division programs are: Cross Connection Control/Water Protection; Industrial Waste Control/Pretreatment; Lake Water Protection, Liquid Waste Haulers; Waste Management; and Water Wells. Each program includes strict enforcement requirements; however, our utmost aim is promoting consistent compliance to help customers protect health and safety; reduce pollutants; and minimize waste and liability.

An overview of each of these programs follows:

  • Cross Connection Control /  Water Protection: This program administers local, state and federal regulations to protect health and safety of the public water supply. Our program works to prevent cross connections by ensuring safeguards are in place to protect the public water system from contamination hazards. We also work to prevent unauthorized use or damage to fire hydrants to ensure constant fire suppression capabilities
  • Industrial Waste Control / Pretreatment: This program ensures that local, state and federal regulations are met regarding the quality of wastewater discharged into the City’s wastewater system. Area businesses are required to install, operate and adequately maintain pretreatment devices and/or systems to remove pollutants that could otherwise damage or obstruct the wastewater collection system or interfere with the wastewater treatment process. Examples of these pollutants include heavy metals, fluoride, cyanides, toxic organics, and acidic or basic wastes from industrial operations.
  • Lake Water Protection Program: This program administers rules for boats, marinas and shore facilities to insure that sewage is managed appropriately and the City’s water supply is protected. The rules address permit requirements and other requirements related to boat sewage and sanitation facilities, including design, installation, operation, state certification, prohibited discharges, record-keeping and waste documentation.
  • Liquid Waste Hauler Program: This program regulates liquid waste transportation for the City of Austin to protect public health, safety, and water quality. The hauled liquid waste subject to these requirements includes sewage, water and wastewater treatment sludge, septic tank waste, grit trap waste, grease trap waste and portable toilet waste. Proper liquid waste disposal protects the wastewater collection system and reduces sanitary sewer overflows caused by overloaded pretreatment devices.
  • Waste Management Program: This program works to ensure that Austin Water minimizes its impact on the environment and conducts operations in an environmentally responsible manner.  This program is committed to ensuring the Austin Water's compliance with all environmental laws and regulations by assistsing personnel in implementing waste minimization strategies, preventing pollution whenever it is possible, and continually improving environmental performance in a manner consistent with a best managed city. For more information about this program, please call (512) 972-1060.
  • Water Wells Program: The City of Austin recently adopted a new ordinance, Ordinance No. 20121011-005 with an effective date of Oct. 22, 2012. This ordinance (now Chapter 15-12 of the Austin City Code) includes registration requirements that apply in conjunction with the drilling of water wells, the installation of water well pumps and other closely related activities.