The pipes running below our streets carry the very lifeblood of our community – bringing clean water to homes and businesses and carrying away waste to safely treat it. Austin Water is taking a proactive approach to replacing aging water and wastewater pipelines in our system by investing in upgrades and repairs of existing pipelines.

Austin Water’s system includes more than 3,800 miles of water mains and more than 2,900 miles of wastewater. Austin Water deploys technology to inspect pipelines and identify and prioritize areas that are in need of replacement.

Renewing Austin 

Renewing Austin is an ongoing program to replace water mains that have a history of breaks or have shown signs of deterioration. The projects also replace wastewater lines in the same area that are in need of renewal.

Austin Water works to provide updates to neighbors and nearby businesses during the construction process to help ease the impacts of construction.  Project webpages are set up for projects with a longer duration.

Current Projects 

Other Pipeline Projects

In addition to the Renewing Austin program, Austin Water makes improvements to pipelines throughout the service area to improve reliability and to expand our infrastructure to serve our growing city. 

Current Projects

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