Austin Water Utility Development Services (UDS) consists of several programs that assist developers and landowners in obtaining water and wastewater service for existing and future development.

Programs include:

Service Extension Request (SER) & Land Use Review

  • Service Extension Request Program 
    • Request by a landowner or developer to extend water, wastewater, or reclaimed water infrastructure to provide utility service to a property. The SER program exists to ensure that water, wastewater, and reclaimed water systems have adequate capacity to handle new developments and proposed extensions meet City and Austin Water infrastructure planning goals.
  • Service Availability Letter Requests
    • Determination of the water and/or wastewater service provider for a specified tract of land (aka “Will-Serve” letters).
  •  Land Use Review 
    • Review of all preliminary plans, plats, subdivision construction plans, site plans, site plan exemptions, and zoning cases (such as PIDs and PUDs). Reviews include, but are not limited to, identification of service providers, service requirements, initial system capacity checks, and determination of SER applicability.

Onsite Water Reuse & Water Benchmarking

  • Onsite Water Reuse
    • ​​​​​​​regulates the collection, treatment, and use of alternative water sources for non-potable uses in multi-family and commercial buildings.
  • Water Benchmarking
    • ​​​​​​​provides an opportunity for Site Plan applicants to assess how water will be used within their development projects and identify water reuse/water conservation opportunities before construction begins.
Private Lateral & Plumbing
Pipeline Engineering Plan Review
Tap Planning Engineering & OSSF 
Wholesale Contract Management, Special Districs & CCN Transfers 


Fee Schedule

Fees are associated with all services provided and are reviewed annually during the City budget process. All fees are collected when applications are submitted. Additional fees may be required depending on specific aspects of an application or when permits have expired and are being reactivated or renewed. For a list of our fees, please see our fee schedule.


Application Forms and Processing Times

Application forms and methods for each of our programs can be found in the links above. 

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