Also Known as Septic Tanks

Austin Water regulates On-Site Sewage Facilities (a.k.a. septic tanks) located within the City of Austin full jurisdiction and areas annexed for the implementation of the Health and Safety Code.

Properties that have water frontage on Lake Austin or any of the tributaries that feed into Lake Austin are considered to be in the City of Austin jurisdiction regardless of lot configuration, house location, or drainfield location.

If you are not sure your property is located within the City of Austin's jurisdiction for OSSFs, you may enter your address in the OSSF Interactive Map provided below. Alternatively, you may use the Full Page Interactive MapPlease note that the interactive map works best using Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer version 11.

The following information may be obtained from this interactive map:

  • Whether your property is located within the City's jurisdiction for OSSFs.
  • Whether your property is located within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone or the Barton Springs segment.

Regulatory Authority

The City of Austin has been authorized by the  Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to administer the On-site Sewage Facilities (OSSF) Program. The program falls primarily under the authority of TCEQ rules contained within 30 TAC Ch.285 On-Site Sewage Facilities.

OSSFs installed and operated within the City of Austin's  jurisdiction must follow the requirement established in City Code, Ch.15-5

Services We Provide

Permitting: Process permit applications and related fees for new and/or existing on-site sewage system.

Inspections: Perform inspections as part of the permitting or complaint investigation processes

Complaint Investigation: Investigate exposed sewage and general public complaints related to OSSFs. Inherent to this activity are legal notices of violation and/or potential court action(s).

Program Information: Address general customer inquiries, including system records' information requests, permitting and fee process inquiries, technical inquiries on types of systems and regulatory compliance questions.

Fee Schedule

Fees are associated with all services provided and are reviewed annually during the City budget process. All fees are collected when applications for service are made and submitted. Additional fees may be required depending on specific aspects of an application or when permits have expired and are being reactivated or renewed. See a complete listing of OSSF Fees.

Application Forms for Requesting Service

Application forms associated with our program are available online

Division Contact Information

Physical Address

Austin Water Utility, Utility Development Services Division, OSSF Program, 6310 Wilhelmina Delco Drive in Austin

Division Phone Numbers

  • Application Forms for Services Requests and Fee Payment: 512-972-0050
  • Division/Program Management Inquiries: 512-972-0050
  • Exposed Sewage Complaints: 512-972-1000