OSSF Application Forms

The application forms and checklists presented below can be completed electronically. To make changes to a form, please download the form(s) and save it to your computer. Once completed, all application forms, checklists, and related documents must be submitted via e-mail.

  • Alternatively applications can be uploaded using the secured box at the bottom of this page.  


General Application Form

  • Application for On-Site Sewage Facility: Adobe PDF


New Permit Application Forms

  • Submittal Checklist for On-Site Sewage Facility Applications: Adobe PDF
  • Site Drawing Components for an On-Site Sewage Facility Application: Adobe PDF
  • Site Evaluation Form: Adobe PDF


Application Forms for Subdivisions

  • Submittal Checklist for OSSF Subdivision Reviews: Adobe PDF


License Amendment Forms

  • Application checklist for amending an OSSF license to Operate: Adobe PDF
  • License amendment inspection checklist: Adobe PDF


Minor Development Review Forms

  • Minor Development Application Checklist: Adobe PDF


OSSF Inspection Schedules


Tank Abandonment Forms


Joining Two Adjacent Lot Forms

When the size of a lot prohibits the installation of an OSSF, two adjacent lots may be joined together. The lots must be joined through a recorded restrictive covenant (please use the following form to file a restrictive covenant). The form must be completed by the customer and submitted to this office via email for the Assistant City Attorney's approval. The approved form will be returned to the property owner listed in the form. The approved form must be filed with the corresponding County Clerk's Office, please submit a copy of the recorded covenant to this office.

  • Restrictive Covenant for Joining Two Adjacent Lots: Adobe PDF


Upload Documents Using the Secured Box

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