Water Forward is Austin’s 100-year integrated water resource plan. Water Forward is an adaptive plan to be updated on a 5-year cycle and evaluates and plans for water supply and demand management strategies for the City of Austin in a regional water supply context. Through public outreach and coordination of efforts between City departments and the Water Forward Task Force, Water Forward is a holistic and inclusive approach to water resource planning.

The current Water Forward Plan was approved by the Austin City Council in November 2018 and is currently in the implementation stage. The 2018 plan embraced an innovative and integrated water management process with the goal of ensuring a diversified, sustainable and resilient water future with a strong emphasis on water conservation.

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As Water Forward is updated in the future, information about the updates will be shared here.

Water Forward Strategies

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For more information, email waterforward@austintexas.gov.  Additional information is available on the About Us page or visit the Archived Resources