Water Forward is Austin’s 100-year integrated water resource plan. Water Forward is an adaptive plan to be updated on a 5-year cycle and evaluates and plans for water supply and demand management strategies for the City of Austin in a regional water supply context. Through public outreach and coordination of efforts between City departments and the Water Forward Task Force, Water Forward is a holistic and inclusive approach to water resource planning.

The current Water Forward Plan was approved by the Austin City Council in November 2018 and is currently in the implementation stage. The 2018 plan embraced an innovative and integrated water management process with the goal of ensuring a diversified, sustainable and resilient water future with a strong emphasis on water conservation.

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As Water Forward is updated in the future, information about the updates will be shared here.

Water Forward Strategies

Become a Water Forward Community Ambassador 

Austin Water is seeking participants to serve as Community Ambassadors to provide input to Water Forward 2024, Austin’s 100- year Integrated Water Resource Plan. Leading with equity, this group will assist with developing and incorporating community values into an Equity and Affordability Road Map and tool for the plan. Participants must be willing to work with diverse members of their community (with a focus on outreach to groups most impacted), attend equity trainings, and commit to being a Community Ambassador for a full year, beginning in February.

Group Objectives

Provide additional transparency and accessible information about Water Forward 2024 through direct community engagement.

Give input to Water Forward 2024 deliverables, community values, and needs through the development of an Equity and Affordability Road Map (EARM).


  • Meaningful Engagement - Ensure community capacity to play a leadership role in decision-making and the implementation of decisions.
  • Representation - Include community members from historically excluded and underrepresented groups in Austin, as well as multiple council districts
  • Education & Outreach - Education and leadership development supports residents to make informed decisions that reflect the needs and interests of their communities and share this information with others
  • Impact - Build a sustainable relationship between Austin Water and the community; participants gain ownership and understanding of city programs and remain civically involved.

People belonging to communities historically underrepresented are encouraged to apply (e.g. communities of color, LGBTQIA+ identities, people with past records, or returning citizens, etc.)

Compensation & Time Commitment:

Participants must be willing to dedicate at least 5 hours/month and commit to serving a full year. Optional compensation ($1,500) is available for participants that are willing to register as vendors with the City of Austin. Those not able or unwilling may be able to explore alternate compensation.

Please note that most if not all gatherings of Community Ambassadors will be virtual until further notice.

Materials and Applications:

Applications will be accepted until January 7, 2022. People outside of City of Austin Council districts may apply. 

For questions, please email Jaynell.Nicholson@austintexas.gov 

More Information

For more information about Water Forward, email waterforward@austintexas.gov. 
Additional information is available on the About Us page or visit the Archived Resources