The Water Forward plan reflects our continued commitment to protecting Austin’s core Colorado River supplies. All Water Forward strategies build on Austin’s current water resources, which include our core Colorado River supply, reclaimed water program, water conservation program, and drought contingency plan.

Partnerships and Processes

To help protect Austin’s core supply, the City works diligently with its regional partners to protect and enhance the Colorado River and Highland Lakes system supply through various partnerships and processes like those described below.

  • State Water Planning: Austin Water is involved in our area’s regional water planning process. This process is a state-wide effort led by the Texas Water Development Board to develop a State Water Plan for Texas’ water resources. Austin is located in the Lower Colorado Regional Water Planning Area (Region K). 
  • City of Austin-LCRA Partnership: The City of Austin and the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) have a Water Partnership to assess water use, implement water conservation strategies, and ensure water quality for Austin and the surrounding area.
  • Imagine Austin Sustainably Manage our Water Resources priority program: Also called SMOWR, this priority program is part of the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. To advance SMOWR, Austin Water and the Watershed Protection Department work to bring together existing efforts to move forward with integrated strategies that address the range of water resources issues such as supply, quality, conservation, public health, and recreation.