Building Plan Review is responsible for reviewing and approving Residential and Commercial building plans for compliance with the Land Development Code and Technical Codes (Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire, Energy).

Once a building plan is approved, a building permit is issued by the Service Center, along with applicable trade permits (electrical, mechanical, plumbing & irrigation). Depending on the type of work that is permitted, building inspections may be required during construction. Once the permitted work is completed, a final inspection is required.

Intake Processing Delays

Due to unusually high volume, it is taking longer than usual for our team to respond to inquiries and to process Building Plan Review applications. For current estimated timelines for your application, please visit the Residential or Commercial Building Plan Review pages. Please note all inquiries are processed and answered in the order they are received.

Residential Plan Review

Residential Plan Review

Reviews new construction, additions or interior remodeling of single-family, duplex or two-family houses and/or accessory buildings on one lot.

Commercial Plan Review

Commercial Plan Review

Reviews multi-family and commercial construction plans.

Expedited Plan Review​ 

Expedited Building Plan Review

View information on accelerating the Building Plan Review and Permit process for residential or commercial plans.

demolition and relocation

Demolition / Relocation

For permits involving demolition and/or relocation; also information on the new Demolition Notification Tool for tracking demolition applications.