The Alarm Administration Unit is committed to improving public safety through advocating for the reduction of false alarms by administering the Alarm Ordinance, providing educational resources and community outreach initiatives and facilitating the establishment of partnerships between law enforcement, the alarm industry and the citizens of Austin.

The Alarm Administration Unit strives to eliminate false alarms by supporting false alarm prevention initiatives and educating the public on the negative impact false alarms have on public safety resources.

City of Austin Alarm Permit Fees 

Type of Permit FY2020 Term
Residential (New or Renewal) $50 12 Months
Business (New or Renewal) $110 12 Months

City of Austin False Alarm Fees

Type of Call Number allowed at no charge in consecutive 12 month periods $50 Each $75 Each $100 Each
Burglary 3 4-5 6-7 8 or more
Robbery Panic 2        -        - 3 or more


Late Payment Fee $5 Per Month

City of Austin Penalties for Operating an Alarm System without a Permit

  •    $220 for each response to a non-permitted location 
  •    Operator is subject to Class C misdemeanor charges

How to apply for an alarm permit

Apply Online or download the application to mail it in: Alarm Permit application (PDF)

Appealing a False Alarm Charge

If you have received a charge for a false alarm, you may qualify for an appeal hearing. Guidelines for requesting an appeal hearing are provided here. After reviewing the guidelines, if you feel you qualify for a hearing, complete and send us the Appeal Request Form or send an email containing the information required on the form to

Cancellation of City of Austin Alarm Permit

An alarm permit can be cancelled when the system no longer meets the criteria for a permitted alarm system per the ordinance or the permit holder moves from the address. All outstanding charges must be paid before a permit is cancelled. Written notification is required for cancellation. Cancellation forms can be emailed to

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