Relocation Permit

There are two types of relocations for residential and commercial structures:

  • Relocating a structure from outside the city limits to inside the city limits; or from inside the city limits to a different location inside the city limits
  • Relocating a structure from inside the city limits to outside the city limits

See Relocation Permit Application (PDF) for Submittal Requirements. This application applies to Residential and Commercial Structures.

Residential relocation applications are submitted to Residential Plan Review, while Commercial relocation applications are submitted to Commercial Plan Review.

Moving buildings

A person receiving a permit to move a building along a public right-of-way in the city is responsible for contacting Austin Police Department for a uniformed police escort.

If the building exceeds 17 ft. 6 in. in height when loaded you are responsible for contacting Austin Energy for an escort.


View the Demolition/Relocation Fee Schedule. This link will redirect you to a list of fee schedules. If your project requires review by the Historic Preservation Office, refer to the Historic Preservation fee schedule.

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