Building Inspections 

After you activate your permits, you will coordinate each stage of construction with the appropriate inspections by the City. Inspections are the final steps in the development and permitting process and ensure that everything is being built as approved and following public health and safety regulations. The Building Inspection Division (BID) performs inspections on new construction, remodels, and trades (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) to ensure compliance with applicable building codes.

An inspection may occur during construction or upon completion of the permitted work, but it is up to the applicant to schedule one. Inspections can be scheduled online via the AB+C Portal or by phone. Depending on the scope of work, a final inspection may lead to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy, which ensures a structure is safe for occupancy. Visit Certificate of Occupancy for information on obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO).

For general questions or emergency inspections, please email Building Inspections.


What you will find on this page:

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Schedule an Inspection 

The permit holder and owner-general contractor are responsible for ensuring the proper sequence of inspections. However, anyone associated with the permit can schedule an inspection: the general contractor, the homeowner (if listed as the general contractor on the permit), the trade contractor, or their official agents. You can schedule an inspection online or by phone. Visit the Schedule a Building Inspection webpage to learn more.


iconPrinting Approved Plan Set 

The permit holder and owner-general contractor must ensure that a paper copy of the approved plan set is available on-site for review by the City inspections staff. Failure to provide the City-approved set of plans may result in failed inspections and delays in receiving a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Occupancy. 

Permits Issued before COVID Operations (before March 16, 2020)

An approved plan set was provided to the individual who picked up and paid for the permits. 

If the plan set has been misplaced, please submit a Public Information Request (PIR) to retrieve the original from off-site storage. Staff will provide a cost estimate for this retrieval and will work with customers directly to send the original for copying/scanning. Payment of the copies and scans will be the customer’s responsibility at the reprographics company of choice.

Permits that have expired under City Orders

Please reference the latest City Order. Permits that have expired during an extension of development deadline dates can be reactivated by submitting a request using the online Service Center Request Form. The Service Center will reactivate permits that fall within the deadline extension range.

Please contact Commercial or Residential Intake if you cannot locate the plans. Staff will verify that plans are available for download on the AB+C portal. 


Permits Issued DURING COVID Operations (after March 16, 2020)

Plans that were approved during COVID operations can be downloaded from the AB+C Portal using the original Plan Review number (PR#) or address:

step 1   Visit the Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) Portal

Log into the AB+C Portal


step 2   Enter your PR number

In the Search by Permit number, please enter your Plan Review (PR) number, as shown below:


step 3   Select Permit/Case Number

Select the applicable Permit/Case number associated with your scope of work:


step 4   Select Permit/Case Number

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the item you would like to download in the Folder Attachment section:

iconCode Information 

The City of Austin follows the 2021 International Building Codes external link and the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code external link.

Local amendments to the International Building Codes are included in the City’s Building Technical Codes. View the Technical Codes and code interpretations for each discipline.

Building Inspection is the approval authority for all inspections regulated by the following Technical Codes:

Commercial Building Code (International Building Code)
Applies to all structures other than one-and-two-family dwellings and townhomes and applies to construction when a building is remodeled, or there is a change of occupancy.

Residential One-and-Two-Family Dwelling Code (International Residential Code)
Applies to all one-and-two-family dwellings and townhouses and includes mechanical, plumbing, and energy system requirements.

Plumbing Code (Uniform Plumbing Code)
Applies to all plumbing system installations. In addition, natural gas installations are also regulated by the plumbing code.

Commercial Mechanical Code (Uniform Mechanical Code)
Applies to all mechanical systems regulated by the Commercial Building Code.

Electrical Code (National Electrical Code)
Applies to all electrical systems installed in the jurisdiction.

The Energy Code (PDF) (International Energy Conservation Code)
Applies to all commercial and residential projects.


Appeals of code interpretations may be heard before the Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals, the Electric Board, or the Mechanical, Plumbing, and Solar Board.

Austin’s Construction and Demolition Recycling Ordinance requires affected projects to divert waste from the landfill. General contractors must reuse or recycle at least 50% of construction debris and submit a construction recycling report online when the final building inspection is requested.

For more information about codes and regulations, visit Codes, Resources, and Tools.


iconTop 10 Tips for a Successful Inspection
  1. Verify work is complete before the scheduled inspection. 
  2. Verify all deficiencies have been corrected for re-inspections.
  3. Schedule the inspection on Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) and use the Inspection Comment Tool.
  4. Ensure the job site is accessible and special access information is provided directly to the assigned inspector or listed on inspection request comments.
  5. Ensure the job site address is posted and visible from the street, including all unit's on-site identification.
  6. Ensure the latest city-approved plans are accessible for inspection staff.
  7. Ensure all required documentation is uploaded to the permit.
  8. Ensure all prerequisite inspections are completed before requesting a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or final building inspection.
  9. Ensure someone familiar with the project is available and communicate with your inspector during the inspection.
  10. Review the building inspections webpage for the latest updates. 
iconOne-Time Inspections Phone List

If you are receiving error messages in reference to one-time inspections when attempting to schedule the 112 Final Building, you will need to contact the Partner Department/Division Contact to ask them to clear the "one-time inspections" so you can schedule the 112 Final Building. 

Please note: Environmental Inspections must be scheduled through the Environmental Inspections webpage. All other inspections can be scheduled by emailing or calling that department. 

Inspection Type   Email Phone

Environmental Inspections

600 - EV TCO Occupancy

601 - EV TCO Stocking

617 - Landscape TCO Occupancy

618 - Landscape TCO Stocking

602 - Environmental Inspection

603 - Landscaping

Environmental Pre-Construction &

Residential Tree Inspections












Fire Department

605 - Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)

607 - Fire TCO Stocking

608 - Fire TCP Occupancy

609 - Fire


Option 3

Austin Water

610 - AW Temp Utilities

611 - Water Tap

612 - On-Site Sewage Facility Inspections (OSSF)

625 - Auxiliary Water Inspection 






Austin Public Health
(located at RLC, 1520 Rutherford Ln)

613 - Health TCO Stocking

614 - Health TCO Occupancy

615 - Health Inspections 512-978-0300
Atmos Energy     888-286-6700

Centerpoint Energy  
Texas Gas Services     866-206-9587


iconHow to Prevent a Permit from Expiring

Visit the Modify a Permit webpage to learn more about reactivating an expired permitwithdrawing an active or pending permit, and extending the expiration date of an active permit.



iconCommercial Special Inspection Process

A Statement of Special Inspections form must be completed for projects submitted after February 13, 2017. In addition, a field folder will be issued with the permit when a special inspection is required. The field folder must be kept on-site at all times and include a special inspection log and other forms to be completed by the special inspector/testing agency.
View the Special Inspection process (PDF).
View the Special Inspection forms.

iconCommercial Process Flowcharts
iconCommercial Inspection Checklists
iconCommercial Building Inspector Phone List

Find Your Inspector - search by address, find inspectors and contact information.

Commercial | Administration | Right of Way (ROW) 

Commercial Building Inspectors

Name   Email Phone
Joshua Williams - Supervisor


Jerry Andrews 512-999-6845
Tannen Andrews 737-262-2288
Jack Garcia 512-264-5106
Jose Leyva 512-450-4962
Scott Roberts 512-552-7484
Ruben Salinas 512-599-0341

Commercial Plumbing Inspectors

Name   Email Phone
Chad Watson - Supervisor

Office: 512-974-2946
Cell: 512-228-6146

Phillip Cantrell


Aaron Hibbs 512-264-4013
Chris Phillips 512-228-2697
Michelle Riffe 512-299-3857
Jason Samsel 512-300-9823
Philip Sughrue 512-293-6300
Don "Kyle" Welch 512-545-3521

Commercial Mechanical Inspectors

Name   Email Phone
Charles Ablanedo - Supervisor

Office: 512-974-9027
Cell: 512-665-1581

Leonard Gonzales


Jonathan Herrin 512-999-2419
Joshua Ojeda 512-705-3927
Patrick Pena 512-633-4906

Commercial Electrical Inspectors

Name   Email Phone
Hyatt Dunn - Supervisor

Office: 512-978-6402
Cell: 512-226-3396

Keith Cameron


Martin Johnsen 512-366-0546
Dan Kiser 512-903-8919
April Mamoe 512-788-1531
Gaynell Wilson 512-999-6853
Tim York 512-905-1749

Commercial Division Manager

Name   Email Phone
Marty Starrett - Manager

Office: 512-974-3488

Inspection Administration

Name   Email Phone
Rick Arzola - Business Process Specialist

Office: 512-974-2417
Cell: 512-550-5836

Service Center Administration

Visit the Service Center webpage for more information and to chat with staff during business hours.

Name   Email Phone
Maria Jaramillo - Manager


Josh Davis - Supervisor


Right of Way (ROW)

Name   Email Phone
Right of Way Division


iconCommercial Appointments and Contact

Contact Us

For general questions, email us at

For Commercial and technical inspections questions for your approved and active permit, please email the appropriate contact below:

Building -
Mechanical -
Electrical -
Plumbing -


Appointments are only for questions about general inspection policies and procedures for Commercial Inspections.

Expected Appointment Duration: 15 minutes

Schedule Virtual AppointmentSchedule In Person AppointmentCita VirtualCita en persona



iconResidential Process Flowcharts
iconResidential Inspection Checklists 
iconResidential Building Inspector Phone List

Find Your Inspector - search by address, find inspectors and contact information.

Residential | Administration | Right of Way (ROW) 

Residential Inspections - Northwest Austin Territory

Name   Email Phone
Charles MacConnell - Supervisor


Victor Acquarola 512-363-0772
Gerard Ambrose 512-584-3149
Anthony Andrews 512-545-3441
Mike Franke 512-203-3662
David Perez 512-457-1820
Bob Reed 737-240-1866
Jim Richerson 512-571-7930
Danny Summerlin 512-550-5236

Residential Inspections - Northeast Austin Territory

Name   Email Phone
Pat Wheeless - Supervisor


Sean Cockrell 512-552-8540
Randall Fields 512-665-9740
Joe Hernandez 512-905-1972
Brandon Huerta 512-645-7917
Byron Kurka 512-300-5429
Felicia Milligan 737-231-6292
Anthony Rainey 512-550-5280
Noe Rodriguez 512-574-2543
Jerron Wilburn 512-903-1066

Residential Inspections - Southwest Austin Territory

Name   Email Phone
Joey Martinez - Supervisor


DeeAnn Afra 512-351-2631
Dale Heberling 512-351-1438
Niko Lanzi 512-574-8049
Sean McMullen 512-774-2872
Frank Nanyes 512-599-7705
Jimmy Patina  512-460-0997
Robin Quick 512-457-1003
Levi Singleton 512-521-4922
William Taylor 512-903-1066

Residential Inspections - Southeast Austin Territory

Name   Email Phone
Aaron Finney - Supervisor


Stein Antonsson 512-228-8196
Colby Gary 512-560-4626
Derek Jacob 512-203-3596
Jimmy Juarez 512-560-4085
Andrew Lopez 512-576-6096
Ralph Martinez 512-665-0177
Hector Nava 512-940-7426
Grant Neeley 512-287-1824
Ryan Palumbo 512-203-2178
Adrian Rios 512-771-9514

Residential Division Manager

Name   Email Phone
Scott Cochran - Manager

Office: 512-974-2729

Inspection Administration

Name   Email Phone
Rick Arzola - Business Process Specialist

Office: 512-974-2417
Cell: 512-550-5836

Service Center Administration

Visit the Service Center webpage for more information and to chat with staff during business hours.

Name   Email Phone
Maria Jaramillo - Manager


Josh Davis - Supervisor



Right of Way (ROW)

Name   Email Phone
Right of Way Division


iconResidential Appointments and Contact

Contact Us

For general questions, please email us at



Ask inspection questions related to residential building codes, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical codes for approved and active permits. Also, ask questions regarding building and trade inspection policies and procedures. 

Expected Appointment Duration: 30 minutes 


Residential Building Inspection Questions

Schedule Virtual AppointmentSchedule In Person AppointmentCita VirtualCita en persona


Residential Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Inspections Questions

Schedule Virtual AppointmentSchedule In Person AppointmentCita VirtualCita en persona