The Commercial Plan Review Division reviews and approves commercial and multi-family plans for new construction, remodels, revisions to approved permits, change of uses and certificate of occupancy/compliance. Plan Reviewers include staff from the Fire Department, Austin Water Utility (Industrial Waste) and Austin/Travis County Health Department (food service businesses).

Once your building plan has been approved, a permit to commence the permitted work will be issued. All permitted work must be inspected by inspectors in the Building Inspection Division.

The City follows the 2015 International Building Code (IBC) and Building Technical Codes (Local Amendments).

Before submitting an application, you must resolve any expired permits on your property. Check for expired permits. Expired permits can be resolved by following the process described here.

Services provided by Commercial Plan Review:

New Procedures and Requirements:

Work Exempt from Permits:

View work exempt from permits (scroll to bottom of page). Work must still comply with applicable Building Codes, City Codes, and other applicable ordinances.


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