Land Development Information Services


Land Development Information Services provides one-on-one coaching in our office, virtually and by phone, to Land Development applicants, small business owners, and homeowners who are planning to submit an application to the Development Services Department and exceptions from certain Land Development application processes. Previously known as the Development Assistance Center (DAC), the unit was renamed in the summer of 2022 to reflect the team's role in the development process.

Development Compliance Letters

A Development Compliance Letter is intended to provide official confirmation that development on a site was completed to approved plans, confirm that there are no zoning code violations, and provide information about re-constructability in the event of a loss.


How to Apply


step 1   Submit an Application

Download the Development Compliance Letter (PDF), complete it, and email it to along with a survey of the site.


step 2   Pay your Fee

Once we review your submission, the fee must be paid on the AB+C Portal before the review can begin.


step 3   Receive your Letter

The Development Compliance Letter will be processed and emailed to the requester. If staff cannot process the letter for any reason, we will notify the applicant via email.


Land Status Determination (Platting Exception)

State Law prohibits connecting utility services to a lot that is not legally platted (i.e., a subdivision recorded in the County records.) Additionally, the City of Austin Land Development Code requires Subdivision approval to precede the issuance of Building Permits and/or Site Plans. Both codes provide exceptions from this requirement which are reviewed through the Land Status Determination process.


How to Apply


 step 1   Determine Eligibility

Use Land Status Determination Wizard to determine if your tract qualifies for a Land Status Determination. Schedule a Land Status/Subdivision appointment or contact staff via email if you need assistance with the wizard or additional information.

step 2   Submit an Application

If you believe your tract will qualify for Land Status Determination, complete the Land Status Determination application (PDF), gather documents listed on the Land Status Wizard, and submit all application materials via the AB+C Portal. You must create an account if this is your first time using the AB+C Portal.

AB+C Portal


step 3   Application Review

Staff will review the request to confirm all information and documents needed for review have been provided. If additional information is needed, staff will contact the applicant via email. Once everything has been provided, the fee will be billed and can be paid on the AB+C Portal. You may need to notify your reviewer via email once the payment is made.


step 4   Approval or Denial

Review staff will contact the applicant via email within 10 business days with the completed determination.

Sign Permits

Visit the Sign Permits webpage for helpful information to assist you with determining your sign district, what the submission requirements are, how to apply for Austin sign permits, and how to request more information.

Site Plan Correction

Site Plan Corrections are minor changes to an approved site plan while the site is actively under construction. Please visit the Site Plans, Corrections, and Exemptions webpage for detailed information about how to apply for a Site Plan Correction.


Site Plan Exemption

A Site Plan Exemption is a small-scale development or zoning compliance review conducted before filing for or obtaining a building permit. Approval of a Site Plan Exemption is NOT a building permit but is a requirement before a building permit can be approved. A Site Plan Exemption should meet the criteria outlined in Section 25-5-2 of the Land Development CodePlease visit the Site Plans, Corrections, and Exemptions webpage for detailed information about how to apply for a Site Plan Exemption.


Additional Resources

Many applications will require review from staff outside of the Development Services Department. For your convenience is a listing of the most common ones below: 

Austin Energy: Visit the Service Design & Planning webpage to learn more about their processes, standards, and code. 

Austin Water Development Services: Visit the Utility Development Services webpage to learn about the programs that assist developers and landowners in obtaining water, reclaimed, and wastewater services for existing and future development.  

Austin Water Industrial Waste: Visit the Industrial Waste webpage for information on Wastewater Regulations.

Austin Water Taps Office: Visit the Taps Permitting Office webpage for information about the services the Taps Permitting Office provides.

Floodplain Regulations: Visit the Floodplain Regulation webpage to learn more about local and federal development rules.

Transportation: Visit the Transportation Development Services webpage to learn more about review services to developers/applicants and their consultants on all aspects of transportation associated with a proposed development/redevelopment. 


Forms and Applications

For a complete list of forms and applications, visit the Land Development Information Services section of the Forms & Applications webpage.

Contact & Appointments

Subdivision / Land Status Determination Questions

The Land Development Information Services staff, previously known as the Development Assistance Center (DAC), can answer general questions regarding the subdivision application process, requirements, and land status determinations (i.e., exceptions to subdivision platting) and determine if the property is a platted lot. 

For questions on a Subdivision project currently in review, please contact the Case Manager. 

Expected Appointment Duration: 30 minutes  

 Schedule Virtual AppointmentSchedule In Person AppointmentCita VirtualCita en persona


Subdivision Application Submission Questions

Ask Land Use Intake staff how to fill out and submit a new Subdivision application.

If you have questions or concerns, please email  

Expected Appointment Duration: 15 minutes  


Schedule Virtual AppointmentSchedule In Person AppointmentCita VirtualCita en persona


In addition to providing consultations via appointments, you can contact the Land Development Information Services experts via email. The standard response time is 2 business days.


Other important contacts that are not part of Land Development Information Services: