The Transportation Development Services Division provides review services to developers/applicants and their consultants on all aspects of transportation associated with a proposed development/redevelopment.

Transportation development review includes Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) for any of the following:

  • Proposed developments,
  • Transportation review of zoning/rezoning cases,
  • Subdivisions,
  • Planned Unit Developments (PUDs),
  • Site plans,
  • Any other type or form of developments or re-developments based on the Transportation Criteria Manual, transportation engineering, planning, and safety principles.

Transportation Impact Analyses and other transportation review studies identify impact(s) of proposed developments on nearby transportation infrastructure and recommend improvements and transportation demand strategies to mitigate impacts through transportation engineering and planning.

The Transportation Development Services Division is responsible for implementing transportation policies included in the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan. This division is also responsible for reviewing development applications following land use codes as it relates to transportation, Transportation Criteria Manual, as well as assessing the need for mitigations to support the transportation network in zoning, re-zoning, planned use developments, waivers, site plans or any other development or redevelopment processes.