A Transportation Impact Analysis is required to be completed by an applicant if the expected daily trip generation by a proposed development exceeds 2,000 vehicle trips per day.

Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines (.pdf) 

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Preview of the flowchart to understand when a transportation impact analysis is needed.

Alternate Transportation Impact Analysis

An Alternate Transportation Impact Analysis satisfies the requirement for a Transportation Impact Analysis but is abbreviated in scope and typically does not include Capacity Analyses. The Alternate TIA is intended to identify needed improvements and provide justification for mitigations when it may be impractical to conduct additional analysis, allowing the study and review to be completed in a shorter timeframe. To be considered for an alternate analysis, the applicant must submit an Alternate TIA request to Austin Transportation for review. 

More information regarding an Alternate TIA can be found in the TIA Guidelines (PDF)

Transportation Impact Analysis Scopes

An application for scope review is required to determine the extent of traffic analysis required. The TIA Scope Guidance, described in the TIA Guidelines, will identify objective criteria to determine the study area, the requirements of the analysis, along with trip rates, growth rates, and trip distribution used in the analysis. If a TIA is required, the applicant should submit a proposed TIA scope to the Austin Transportation Department for review. 

Download a TIA Scope Template (.pdf)

Transportation Demand Management

Transportation demand management measures can be identified in the Transportation Impact Analysis scope to receive a vehicle trip reduction.

Submit one (1) hard copy and one (1) digital copy (CD or USB drive), containing the Transportation Impact Analysis Report and Appendix, each to both the Austin Transportation Department and the Development Services Department by postal mail. If the review of a TIA Determination Worksheet determines that a TIA is required for a proposed development, a TIA scope should be submitted electronically to the ATD Lead Development Review Engineer for review based on the applicable council district following the map of the City Area Engineers below.

Fees and Payments

  • Transportation Impact Analysis review fee: The applicant should submit the appropriate Transportation Impact Analysis review fee based on the City of Austin’s fee schedule (PDF). The invoice may be paid with the cashier’s office at the following location: One Texas Center, 505 Barton Springs Rd, 1st floor (Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.).
  • Transportation mitigation fee-in-lieu: Once the invoice for the transportation mitigation fee-in-lieu is received, the applicant may pay in person at the front desk of the Austin Transportation Department offices at 901 S MoPac Expressway, Building 5, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78746.
  • Fiscal surety for mitigations to be built by the applicant and/or developer: Once the final fiscal Transportation Impact Analysis memo is received, the applicant may pay in person at the Fiscal Office at One Texas Center.
  • Rough proportionality: Calculate the rough proportionality maximum for your development using the rough proportionality worksheet, available on the Development Services Department website.

Send applications and questions to Area Development Engineer Lead

For help with transportation-related development application questions, contact the lead transportation development engineer of the area where the proposed project will be located. The lead engineer can provide guidance on scoping for a Transportation Impact Analysis, information on waivers or variances, and help on transportation-related questions on a development application. Development engineer leads are also available for in-person meetings.

Lead Development Engineers | View interactive map