An applicant or applicant’s consultant shall first submit a Transportation Impact Analysis determination worksheet to the Development Assistance Center for review. The worksheet contains trip generation information and details of the proposed development including, but not limited to, project location, land use, access points, density, phases of site construction, and timeline for occupancy.

The Development Assistance Center will perform and sign the determination. If applicable, the center will direct the applicant to submit a Transportation Impact Analysis Scope to the Austin Transportation Department for review.

An applicant submitting a site plan, zoning, or rezoning application must submit a Transportation Impact Analysis if the expected number of vehicular trips generated by a project exceeds 2,000 vehicle trips per day. Transportation mitigation may still be required for projects that do not require a Transportation Impact Analysis.

For a project or development for which a Transportation Impact Analysis is not required, the applicant must mitigate for adverse effects due to traffic generated by the proposed development and/or provide improvements to increase safety and connectivity. The respective Austin Transportation Department Project Manager will contact the applicant about what to mitigate for.