Street impact fees help fund roadway capacity projects necessitated by new development. The Austin City Council adopted ordinances creating a Street Impact Fee Program on December 10, 2020. The ordinances amend the City code and set fee collection rates and other policies. 

Street Impact Fee Study Report

City Council adopted the Street Impact Fee Study, a multi-year analysis and calculation of the costs to fund roadway infrastructure required to meet the needs of new development. The Street Impact Fee Study Report provides the City Council with the maximum allowable roadway impact fee that could be assessed by the City of Austin, complying with Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code.

Following public review, discussion and a public hearing process, the City Council determined an amount to be assessed and adopted a street impact fee ordinance accordingly.


Street Impact Fee Estimator (Excel spreadsheet for download)

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The Impact Fee Advisory Committee advises the City on its impact fee programs and approves reports twice yearly on each program.

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