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About Transportation and Public Works

The City of Austin Transportation and Public Works Department (TPW) is a department of the City of Austin responsible for a variety of transportation, mobility and safety functions throughout the community. TPW works with all modes of transportation and many Austin-area partners and agencies to deploy an all-ages and abilities network, as well as ensure the transportation network is reliable, safe and well-maintained for all users.


Austin Transportation and Public Works is a highly reliable organization that builds and maintains mobility infrastructure for our community.


Austin is the model for safe, reliable and sustainable transportation.


  • Safety
  • Unity
  • Reliability
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Community-Focused
  • Employee Fulfillment


The City of Austin Transportation and Public Works Department (TPW) is responsible for the following aspects of transportation, mobility and safety in Austin:

Roadway signage and markings, traffic engineering, civil engineering, street and bridge construction and maintenance, traffic and pedestrian signals, ground transportation service regulation, on-street parking, parking meters, City-owned parking lots and garages, transportation systems planning, the active transportation network, permitting and coordination of special events in the City’s right of way, permitting and coordination of construction or maintenance in the City’s right of way, traffic calming, the City’s Complete Streets Policy, and more.

TPW works with several partners in the Central Texas region to design, plan for and construct mobility and safety improvements on our region's transportation systems. Learn more about some of TPW's partners.

View TPW's 2023 Annual Report


  • Richard Mendoza, P.E. - Director
    Direct Reports: Deputy Director, Business Support Services, Chief of Staff, Transportation Services
  • Jim Dale, P.E. - Deputy Director
    Direct Reports: Civil Engineering Services, Engineering & Project Delivery, Strategic Mobility Services, Street & Bridge Operations
  • Pirouz Moin, P.E. - Assistant Director, Civil Engineering Services
    Direct Reports: Office of the City Engineer, Sidewalks and Special Projects, Community Services, Emergency Management, Logistics
  • Anna Martin, P.E. - Assistant Director, Engineering & Project Delivery
    Direct Reports: Active Transportation Engineering Services, Capital Services/Project Delivery, Transportation Engineering
  • Lewis Leff - Acting Assistant Director, Strategic Mobility Services
    Direct Reports: Arterial Management/Signals, Office of Special Events, Right of Way Management, Signs and Markings, Vision Zero
  • Reiner Hershaw - Assistant Director, Street and Bridge Operations
    Direct Reports: District Maintenance, Pavement Operations, Street and Bridge Operations, Urban Forestry, Utilities & Structures
  • Upal Barua - Assistant Director, Transportation Services
    Direct Reports: Land Development Engineering, Long-Range Planning, Smart Mobility, Strategic Mobility Projects, Transportation Development Services
  • Dan Valbracht - Acting Assistant Director, Business Support Services
    Direct Reports: Data & Technology Services, Finance, Human Resources, Parking Enterprise, Performance Management
  • Karla Taylor - Chief of Staff
    Direct Reports: Administration, Legislative Affairs, Public Information, Strategic Communications

Department Newsletters

  • Austin Mobility News: Weekly newsletter covering projects and programs related to Austin Transportation and Public Works.
  • Get There ATX Newsletter: Monthly newsletter featuring mobility-focused events and ways to convert your car-based commute and other trips to other transportation modes.
  • Urban Trail Mix: Quarterly newsletter providing project updates on Austin's urban trails program.