Traffic Light


The Living Streets Program envisions local streets as places where communities can walk, bike, gather, and connect. The program offers residents a set of options for activating neighborhood streets to create opportunities for safe community-building throughout the city. The Living Streets Program, outlined in Resolution No. 20211021-027, was adopted by Austin City Council on October 21, 2021.  

Neighborhood Block Parties give neighbors a chance to connect, enjoy the public realm of the street, share information, and celebrate events together. The City of Austin encourages residents and neighborhood groups to organize block parties on their nearby residential streets through the program application process.

Through the Neighborhood Partnering Program (NPP) Austin residents can work together to enhance the places they live, work and play. More than 80 community-initiated projects have been completed since the program first launched in 2010.

The Safe Routes to School Program helps children choose human power to get to school. Through crossing guards, education, outreach, and infrastructure projects, we aim to make sure elementary and middle school students across Austin can walk, bike, and roll safely.

The Transit Enhancement Program works to improve mobility and access to opportunity by collaborating directly with public transit providers and communities to understand needs and opportunities and enhance areas of the built environment to support transit.

Projects developed by this program focus on improving the speed, reliability and safety of transit operations while making transit easier and safer for customers to access. That includes making spot improvements, like designing better bus stops, to corridor improvements, like installing transit priority lanes.