Through the Neighborhood Partnering Program (NPP) Austin residents can work together to enhance the places they live, work, and play. Over 70 community-initiated projects have been completed since the program first launched in 2010.

Lea sobre el programa en español aquí.

Neighborhood Partnering Program

Partner with us to build a project that benefits your community. We can create something new, add to or update what’s already there. Here are a few project examples to get you started,but we’re always open to new ideas, and we’d love to hear yours! 

We can help your neighborhood…

Get Creative with public art installations, like murals or mosaics.

Make Green Spaces with park improvements, rain gardens, or new mini-parks.

Stay Connected with trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, and other ways to keep you moving safely.

Grow Roots with community gardens or landscaping.

Innovate with your own unique idea!


Program Types: Ways We Can Help 

Neighborhood Cost Share Program: The City helps local groups fund, develop, and construct their projects on City-owned property. In turn, local groups help with “cost-sharing" and project maintenance. Cost-sharing can be made through cash, donated materials, labor, or with volunteer hours.

Adopt-A-Median Program: Not just for medians anymore! Groups can enter into an agreement with the City to beautify, enhance and maintain a median, roadside, underpass, wall, or right of way. This program does not include funding.

Grant Assistance Program: The City provides funds to help meet the matching requirements of a grant that you’ve received or are applying for with an outside entity other than the City of Austin. The grant must be used to support a project that will improve a public space in Austin.

Program Requirements 

All proposed projects must:

  • Be on City-owned property or right of way.  
  • Be submitted by a local group, such as a neighborhood association, community organization or other non-profit entity.  
  • Demonstrate the support of neighbors and those impacted by the project. 
  • Be accessible to the public and benefit the community. 

Get Started

Please be patient; inquiries are reviewed monthly. NPP staff will respond with questions about your project and information about the next steps. 

Our team will work with eligible projects to complete an application for consideration. 

Want to Learn More?

Request a Presentation to Your Community Group 


Watch the Neighborhood Partnering Program video in English

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Vea el video del Neighborhood Partnering Program en español:

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